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Hey there, nice to have you here today.  I want to give you a little something you wont find, likely, anywhere else. This is just a tidbit of seo advice, but I don’t think it’s been explained the way I tried to explain it.  This post has to do with us SEO professionals and how we search.  How is it that we are always getting lucky and finding those real high pagerank gems?  I’m happy to inform you that that is just what I set out to explain in this post.

I spent some time today looking for high pagerank, do-follow links.  Some people think that’s boring but I consider it to be an interesting adventure. It’s like looking for money in a way. Links are the currency of the internet, kind of like how cigarettes are practically currency in jail.  At least that’s how it is in the movies.  But seriously, in my mind, finding high pagerank dofollow links is like finding money.  Links equal rankings (well, it’s not *that* simple, but it’s still basically true), rankings equal traffic and traffic equals sales. Therefore, links equal money.  Imagine if, while on your next high pagerank blog comment run, you find a pagerank 7 do follow opportunity.  That one link could move your site to page one in GooG, if you actually managed to get an anchored link from a page like that.  I want to assure you that there are such pages like that out there, waiting patiently for your to discover them.

It’s hard to find really high pagerank links like pr6 and pr7 links out in the wild. That’s why I wrote this blog post today.  I decided it may be of use to some of you out there wanting to learn the tricks of the trade.  You get to see how I think about seo, finding links and so on.  I’m no one special, but I still have my point of view, and I am a professional. We can all benefit from each others point of view. I appreciate your point of view as well and consider it valuable. But anyway, back to my tips on finding high pagerank do follow links.

Ever notice how academic content always seems to secure a high pagerank? There could be an article about Darwin on some academic site, no links to the page at all, and it’s a pr5.  Well I noticed this too, of course.  I did a search that included the word “library” and I got a lot of interesting results. Some of them were very academic and had really high pagerank. I made a big list of these results. Then, I sharpened my search string a bit. First, I went and visited some of the nicer results.  I noticed that some of the libraries had comment forms on some of their pages.  I made note of the various footprints I could find on these pages which had comment forms.  I added some of these footprints to my search queries. I always added the footprint in quotes.  I noticed that this method brought back very targeted results.

Still, it wasn’t so great.  Yes the results were littered with high page rank pages, but many were no follow. Bummer. However, and this is good, I did find a couple of sites that were do follow.  I actually scored a couple do follow, pr5 links to some blogs that really needed it.  I went jumping from blogroll to blogroll. All these sites link to other academic sites, so the blogrolls are full of valuable resources themselves. I noticed that a certain designer had designed a number of these academic style websites. I checked the designer out.  He was a big deal, kind of. He had a pagerank 7 homepage and a huge following.  I was really happy to notice that he makes sites for academic institutions, but that he also makes them with *do follow opportunities*.

Guess what I did next? I added this guy’s name to my earlier search queries and I found a ton of sites he designed.  This was a real find.  In terms of seo, this was like finding links at the end of the rainbow!  Apparently, this guy got in good in some niches.  He was obviously referred from one client to the next. He did one academic/library type website after another.  These websites all had big blogrolls and he had designed other sites that were on the blogrolls.  They were all high pagerank.The main point is to see the process that I used and how I thought about it. Other seo guys that have as much experience as me would probably look at it the same way I did.  I thought it was interesting to note the whole process and thought process behind it.

One problem: you can’t leave anchored links.  Never leave anchored links on a pr5 or pr6 comment page from a library, or other academic style page/site. Your link will never be approved and if it is it will be deleted.  You need to leave your name instead. I can hear you thinking, “But what good is a high pagerank link from an unrelated site?”  I’m glad you asked that question.  There is a way to make full use of this dangling pagerank.  It goes beyond the scope of this blog post though, so you’ll have to read about funneling link juice to get a better understanding.

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  1. Man, what a tease. I was like a five year old on Christmas eve reading this post. I was so anxious. Getting more and more ramped up reading about the masterful process you went through to find a great footprint. I just new at any moment I was going to read the name of this web site developer. Get some speck of a new search term for me to use looking for niche blogs.

    Just like my second high school girlfriend you teased me there. Of course I understand that if you made it public that in about a day the spammers would kill all those great links you currently have.

  2. Yes Brett, as you said, if I were to mention the url, it would kill my whole new “playground” in no time. Hopefully you managed to pick up on the idea here though; it’s a valuable one indeed.

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