Finding High Pagerank Do Follow Links | Think Like a Pro

Hey there, nice to have you here today.  I want to give you a little something you wont find, likely, anywhere else. This is just a tidbit of seo advice, but I don’t think it’s been explained the way I tried to explain it.  This post has to do with us SEO professionals and how we search.  How is it that we are always getting lucky and finding those real high pagerank gems?  I’m happy to inform you that that is just what I set out to explain in this post.

I spent some time today looking for high pagerank, do-follow links.  Some people think that’s boring but I consider it to be an interesting adventure. It’s like looking for money in a way. Links are the currency of the internet, kind of like how cigarettes are practically currency in jail.  At least that’s how it is in the movies.  But seriously, in my mind, finding high pagerank dofollow links is like finding money.  Links equal rankings (well, it’s not *that* simple, but it’s still basically true), rankings equal traffic and traffic equals sales. Therefore, links equal money.  Imagine if, while on your next high pagerank blog comment run, you find a pagerank 7 do follow opportunity.  That one link could move your site to page one in GooG, if you actually managed to get an anchored link from a page like that.  I want to assure you that there are such pages like that out there, waiting patiently for your to discover them.

It’s hard to find really high pagerank links like pr6 and pr7 links out in the wild. That’s why I wrote this blog post today.  I decided it may be of use to some of you out there wanting to learn the tricks of the trade.  Continue reading “Finding High Pagerank Do Follow Links | Think Like a Pro”