Funneling Link Juice

So you’re out hunting for high pagerank, do follow blog comment link opportunities and you find one.  The only problem is that judging by this blog, and judging by this blog post, you get the feeling you’ll never be able to leave an anchored link here. Damn! Too bad. Doesn’t that always suck?  Yes, I’m sure we all agree that it’s a huge disappointment to find a PR6 blog post, which gives do follow links, and realizing that you’ll never be able to anchor your favorite anchor of the day.  Most seo guys and gals out there would probably try to leave a nice comment and leave their real name as the anchored link.  This is so the comment actually gets approved and at least you can bring some juice back to your site.  What’s the problem with this?

The problem is that although you are getting a really nice PR6 link, it’s not going to help your site rank for its keywords at all. That’s the problem. We don’t look for high pagerank blog posts just for fun; we want to make more money, which will require more traffic, which is due to high rankings, which is why we need these links in the first place.  You might be wondering just exactly what the effect would be on a site that just received a PR6 link. Not much is the answer. Yes, the site you are linking to would probably gain a significant amount of pagerank on the next update, but it’s rankings would stay the same – all else being equal.  You probably get the feeling that there is a better way to take advantage of a nice, juicy PR6 link, and I would have to agree with you. There is a solution to this all too common predicament. Continue reading “Funneling Link Juice”